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Academic Experts (Tele Calling)

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Devu Sajina Dileep

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Job Description

Job Description 

·         Being a mentor and guide who potential learners can look up to for career advice.

·         Counselling potential learners, helping them plan their career path and understanding how brillianlearn can catalyze their career.

·         Carrying weekly enrollment/revenue and collection targets.

·         Establishing the uniqueness and effectiveness of brillianlearn’s model of online/blended learning.

·         Owning the complete sales closing life cycle for leads assigned to you. This includes making phone/video calls, product demonstration, sales closing and post-sales relationship management.

·         Maintaining a detailed database of all the interactions on the CRM with the leads and providing constant feedback to the marketing team on lead quality.

·         Hardworking Individuals with high dedication and extreme determination.

·         Experience in EdTech sales would be an advantage.

·         Great listeners and trustworthy individuals who can bond with our potential learners. Individuals with the ability to approach any situation with patience and powerful empathy.

·         Individuals who take a disciplined approach towards building funnels, tracking feedback, prioritizing tasks and overachieving targets and deadlines.

·         Sales bent of mind, to understand and effectively communicate what brillianlearn is offering to its prospective learners and achieve revenue targets.

·         Passion for delivering the highest levels of customer service at all times.


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