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AWS DevOps Engineer

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We are seeking a skilled AWS Cloud Engineer to join our dynamic team in Coimbatore.
The ideal candidate will have over 3 years of experience in cloud computing with a strong
focus on AWS services. This role demands proficiency in managing and optimizing cloud
infrastructure, ensuring security, and implementing automation and DevOps practices.
-AWS Services Management:
– Manage and optimize EC2 instances including instance types, auto-scaling, load
balancing, and security group configurations.
– Oversee VPC networking to ensure secure and efficient network setups.
– Administer S3 storage for data management and backup.
– Implement and manage IAM for security protocols.
– Monitor cloud resources and applications using CloudWatch.
-EC2 Management:
– Configure and maintain EC2 instances.
– Set up and manage auto-scaling groups to handle variable workloads.
– Implement load balancers for high availability.
– Configure security groups to control traffic to instances.
MySQL Database Management:
– Install, configure, and maintain MySQL databases.
– Perform performance tuning for optimal database performance.
– Implement replication strategies for data redundancy.
– Develop and execute backup and recovery strategies to safeguard data.
Automation and DevOps:
– Write and maintain scripts using Bash for automation tasks.
– Use Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform or CloudFormation to manage

– Manage CI/CD pipelines to streamline code deployment processes.
– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.
3+ years of hands-on experience with AWS services.
– Proficiency in managing and optimizing EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, and CloudWatch.
– Strong experience in MySQL database administration.
– Proven skills in scripting and automation using Bash.
– Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform/CloudFormation).
– Familiarity with CI/CD pipeline management.
– Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
– Strong communication and teamwork abilities


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