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Customer Acquisition Manager

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Job Description

The Acquisition Manager is responsible for helping a department or company increase sales for both short term and long term. He/she works to increase a company’s revenues by acquiring new customers.


Strong interpersonal, negotiating and organizational skills, proven marketing and sales skills, exceptional oral and written communication skills, ability to deal effectively with people and communicate clearly in non-technical language; vast knowledge in financial institution procedures and policies, superb research skills, proven leadership skills, cultural awareness to support international teams and ability to keep up with technologies and networking trends.

Specific work elements

Marketing a company’s products or services to prospective businesses and high-net-worth clients, identifying opportunities for marketing services offered by the company; performing administrative follow-ups to resolve customer problems, meeting with specialists to discuss technical products, perform consulting about mergers and acquisitions, researching potential client’s portfolio and industry to be prepared in negotiations, forecasting business cases, and building business-to-business partnerships with clients, among others.


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