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Freight Forwarder

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Job Description



The main purpose of this role is :

  • To ensure that the Freight commercial department works seamlessly with Procurement (internal client) to help achieve business objectives.
  • To quote commercially competitive price and to help increase the winning rate
  • To prioritize and send  the prices for the requested goods within stipulated time frame
  • To ensure right price is submitted for every request for price
  • To liaison with your reporting manager about freight team challenges in Trivandrum office



  • Providing cost effective solutions to internal customers (procurement team) in the organization for efficient movement of goods from point of purchase to point of destination
  • Analyze data to provide the best freight cost by referring to available cost sheets for both air & sea movements.
  • Calculating freight cost of general cargo & DG items /goods using DG calculation guidelines
  • Understand Red Orange’s internal customer requirements/expectations on pricing of the goods & ensure pricing solutions are provided within the requested deadlines.
  • Coordinating & educating internal customer on the importance of providing relevant information on the weights, packed dimensions, quantity etc of the goods.
  • Identify cost reductions and implement strategies for cost reductions
  • An awareness of, and strategic responses to external influences, such as govt. legislation, fuel costs, etc is vital

          Responsible to prioritize freight cost revalidation  requests and compete within 24hrs



The roles environment will be based upon the following characteristics:

¨       Fast moving and commercially focused with high level commitment

¨       Intensive working day based on ethics of hard work, results achievement and meeting business objectives

¨       Highly focused on quality (Including quality of communication and written documentation, data base management)

¨       Highly focused on providing exceptional service to internal clients within the organization

¨       Team based working culture

¨       Self management and personal commitment in terms of commercial approach and obtaining results

·         Make and keep commitments at first touch – Do what you say and say that you’ll do



(Knowledge, skills, experience)


  • Vocational or professional qualifications


  • Developing administrative and communication ability,


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Analytical skills

·         Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook (or equivalent software packages)


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