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Java Developer

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Job Description

Java Developer ( 2yrs Experience )

Coding standards, Object-Oriented Concepts

Classes and Objects, Abstract Classes and Interfaces, Inheritance, Overloading & Overriding, Inner, Nested and Anonymous Inner class

Static methods, single and multi-dimensional Arrays, String functions

Exception Handling

Collections: Array List, Linked List, HashMap, Hash Set, Linked Hash Set Iteration
Object class and the functions
Comparable and Comparator Interface

Threads and Synchronized functions.
Executor Interface
Future Objects.
Basics of Servlets and Containers.
Database Design
SQL Basics
Normalization and Joins
Procedures, Triggers, and Functions

Development Environment

Eclipse and Tomcat.
Windows, Linux.

Good to have Skill Set

Knowledge in spring, Hibernate, Vaadin, Jasper Report, Postgres SQL, Ant and Maven



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