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Sr Designer – 2D/ 3D

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The Designer is responsible for designing and detailing projects and being the teammate of their projects by ensuring timely deliverables to accomplish the customer’s needs and satisfaction.

  1. The designer shall carry out designs and detailing envisaged by the DM, considering inputs from CRF and further discussion with PH if needed.
  2. Update Studio file clearly identifying revised drawing along with CRE / DM. List of drawings and revision status to be provided to the supervisor.
  3. Prepare a list of working drawings as per Request Register for a Project along with PH and prepare working drawings as per schedule agreed in request register.
  4. Coordinate with CRE for site meetings regarding the design requirements and detailing. Take support from PH if required.
  5. Final design to be verified and approved by PH and hand it over to CRE for documentation or sending it to the client. Designer to ensure client approvals are obtained on each drawing released.
  6. In case of changes at the site informed by site supervisors, after consultation with PH, revised drawing shall be prepared and update in-studio file along with CRE.
  7. Issue approved drawings duly signed by PH to site supervisors and get signature from them. While issuing revised drawings collect back earlier issued Drawings.
  8. Check on work progress with measurements, site photos, and documents whether project running in line with drawing issued. Meetings to be coordinated with CRE or supervisors for understanding and clarification on design-related matters at the site periodically.
  9. Submitting weekly reports to the PH and maintain the concerned files at the studio and available at hand when needed.
  10. A designer is the major player in the project team and is responsible as well as responsive is expected.
  11. Good for execution / Superseded / Only for reference seal must be stamped in each drawing before release. No drawings shall be released without format in any case. Drawing Format also should be duly filled.
  12. Initiate Evaluation in every 10th / 20th / 30th with the HR and confirm the performance by self. If there is less than 2 evaluations a month will be treated as a failure of the employee.
  13. Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the management from time

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Tags: 2D, 3D, 3Ds Max, Auto CAD, civil engineering, interior designer

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