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Engineering Manager

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Job Description



  • Create Plans, Design standards for BuildNext projects.
  • Decide on the construct-ability of the project.
  • Create the source of truth model in BIM


  • Review Technical Documents: From technical drawings to manuals, engineering managers review all documentation associated with engineering projects. They also complete construction analysis reports, review contract documents, and fill out and submit necessary permit applications.
  • Implementing Lean project management techniques in internal projects: Once a project has been green-lighted, engineering managers need to develop a project schedule and comprehensive engineering drawings. They are ultimately in charge of site efficiency.
  • Track site operations and data, and complete feedback loop on a continuous improvement basis to reduce engineering errors and to create elegant scalable processes and solutions
  • Understanding various building systems and seamless integration into architectural design- MEP, HVAC, Structural members, safety and security features etc
  • Inspect Progress of Engineering Projects Engineering managers may be required to visit job sites to check on the progress of engineering projects to ensure that projects are meeting specifications, and revise schedules or deadlines as necessary. 

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