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Nephrologists are medical doctors specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients suffering from kidney disorders that include pediatric kidney problems. These disorders include inflammatory diseases in kidney tissues and kidney blood vessels, kidney stones, acute kidney failure, and cystic kidney disease. Nephrologists also treat abnormalities in the body’s water and mineral balance, diabetes-related kidney diseases, hypertension as well as disease that could lead to kidney problems.

Nephrologist Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Diagnose patients using the correct equipment in determining and evaluating the extent and nature of kidney disorders or injuries.
  • Use diathermy appliances, emanation tubes, cystoscopes, radium, catheters, and similar medical appliances where appropriate in the treatment of patients with kidney ailments.
  • Perform dialysis or surgery on damaged kidneys and prescribe post surgical maintenance medication.
  • Perform kidney transplant surgery in serious cases while ensuring kidney donor compatibility and legal or ethical donor sourcing.
  • Administer anti-rejection treatment to counteract infections or preclude rejection in kidney transplants.
  • Refer patients suspected of tumorous kidney to relevant oncologists.
  • Keep abreast with new developments in kidney surgical techniques and medication.
  • Maintain and ensure that relevant patient records are properly updated and filed physically or in a computer database

Nephrologist Job Skills and Specifications

  • Should possess knowledge in the use of high technology devices and tools in diagnosing and treating morphological disorders.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills
  • Should possess excellent interpersonal and people management skills

Nephrologist Job Education and Qualifications

  • A doctor of medicine with a state license to practice as a doctor is essential.
  • A PhD or post medical specialization in Nephrology is necessary
  • The higher the experience in general patient care or cardiologic specialization is always preferred.

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