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Quantity Surveyor

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Key Responsibilities:

• Cost Estimation: Conduct comprehensive cost estimations for construction projects, considering materials, labor, equipment, and other relevant factors.

• Budget Management: Develop, monitor, and manage project budgets to ensure they align with project scope and objectives.

• Tendering: Prepare detailed tender documents, including bills of quantities, and evaluate subcontractor and supplier quotes.

• Cost Control: Implement effective cost control measures, monitor project expenses, and proactively address budget variations.

• Contract Management: Review, negotiate, and manage contracts with suppliers, subcontractors, and clients to secure favorable terms and conditions.

• Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks related to project costs and propose mitigation strategies.

• Value Engineering: Collaborate with project teams to identify cost-effective alternatives without compromising project quality.

• Progress Reporting: Provide regular financial reports to project managers and senior management, highlighting budget variances and cost trends.

• Final Account: Prepare and negotiate final accounts for projects, ensuring all costs are accurately accounted for.

• Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry regulations, standards, and company policies related to cost management.


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