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Sales Manager

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Job Description

  • 5 years of experience in sales- jewellery
  • Inspect and ensure the proper operation of security cameras and alarms.
  • Track by manual and automatic means inventory on display and in back storage.
  • Instruct employees on policies for handling jewelry, while also showing pieces to customers.
  • Hire and assign store associates to counters and repair areas.
  • Schedule work times for staff.
  • Oversee display of jewelry in counters.
  • Process credit application or other financings of jewelry purchases.
  • Provide credit or finance agreement, sales agreement, and warranty information.
  • Ensure accuracy of price information and discounts.
  • Supervise delivery of prompt and courteous customer service, including repair and also resizing of jewelry.
  • Inform customers of the quality, stone type, weight, cuts and other features of jewelry pieces.
  • Report thefts to law enforcement and insurance company.
Tags: jewellery sales, sales

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