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Senior Data Engineer

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Job Description

  • Key Responsibilities:
      • Design and implement sophisticated data models and pipelines.
      • Collaborate with data management teams to uphold data governance and security standards.
      • Optimize data solutions using Azure, ensuring robust testing and deployment.
      • Foster continuous improvement and innovation in data engineering.
      • Translate complex business requirements into scalable data solutions.


    Requirments :

    • Professional-level technical computing, analysis, design, and development skills.
    • Experience with Azure cloud technologies for analytics solutions.
    • Proficiency with Azure resources like Data Factory, Databricks, Data Lake, SQL Database, and SQL Data Warehouse.
    • Senior-level experience in data engineering, including designing data models, ETL pipelines, and conducting testing/QA.
    • Experience with Azure DevOps, including best practices in source control, CI/CD, and change control.

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