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Senior Java Developer

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Location: Trivandrum/Kochi
– Develop and maintain Java applications following best practices.
– Utilize Spring/Spring Boot for efficient and maintainable software.
– Lead on-premise deployment and ensure successful installation.
– Implement monitoring solutions and optimize application performance.
– Conduct code reviews, mentor junior developers, and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
– Maintain comprehensive code and deployment documentation.
– Diagnose and resolve technical issues and provide support as needed.
– Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies for process improvement.
– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field.
– Strong hands-on Java programming experience.
– Proven experience with Spring and Spring Boot.
– Proficiency in on-premise deployment and troubleshooting.
– Strong problem-solving skills.
– Excellent teamwork and communication skills.
– Adaptability to changing technologies.
– Optional: Relevant Java or Spring certifications.

Technical Skills:

– Proficiency in Java programming language.

– Experience with API design, development, and testing.

– Familiarity with RESTful APIs.

– Understanding of database systems and MongoDB.


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