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Job Description

We are looking for a senior Angular developer with significant software development experience to work with us to develop our platform. This individual will be able to help us refactor and develop our 4 Angular applications. Ideally, this individual will be interested in working with us long term as we develop our platform. We are developing productivity tools that encourage constructive social habits. In addition, we strive to create a great environment with talented co-workers and opportunities for career growth. This will come in the form of gaining more skills, increased compensation, an opportunity to contribute to international patents and open source software, and speaking at conferences.
We don’t have strict requirements or job qualifications, but the following skills would be helpful. Furthermore, we’re willing to work with talented individuals interested in working with us long term to develop any required skills. Some potentially useful skills include the following:
  1. Understanding of how to build web applications using Angular
  2. Understanding of all elements of the TypeScript language
  3. Understanding of how to use popular TypeScript and JavaScript libraries
  4. Angular design patterns
  5. Understanding of general software development design patterns including GofF, MVC and MVVM, and others
  6. Understanding of Angular best practices
  7. Understanding of Object Oriented Design principles
  8. Understanding of the internals of popular TypeScript and JavaScript libraries
  9. Understanding of browser extensions(Chrome API, Firefox API, and Safari API)
  10. Understanding of Gulp and Angular build system
  11. Understanding of Chrome tracing, application profiling, and performance optimization
  12. Understanding of Test Driven Development, testing design patterns, and best practices for writing tests
  13. Understanding debugging techniques and a good understanding of development tools to efficiently debug.
  14. Understanding of SOLID principles, GRASP methodology, Antipatterns, and Domain Driven Design principles
  15. Understanding of the DOM, CSS, and HTML
  16. Understanding of data structures and elementary algorithms
  17. Good Google research skills
  18. Ability to read documentation

Experience and Education Guidelines

We don’t have strict requirements or job qualifications, but the following provides general guidelines for what we’re looking to find.

  1. one year of software development experience
  2. Bachelors and Masters in Computer Applications or Computer Science preferred
  3. Contribution to open source software in lieu of a masters or bachelors degree in computer applications or computer science
  4. good frontend software development experience.
  5. good Angular development experience with Angular 4 or greater.
Tags: Angular, css, DOM, GofF, html, Javascript, MVC, MVVM, Typescript

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