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  •      Compounding and dispensing medications, as prescribed by physicians.
  •      Monitoring customers’ drug therapies, advising interventions, and informing customers of any potential side effects.
  •      Instructing customers on how and when to take prescribed medications.
  •       Conducting health and wellness screenings.
  •     Providing immunizations, and other medical services, such as taking blood pressure, temperature measurements, and checking blood sugar levels.
  •      Keeping accurate customer records.
  •     Ensuring a safe and clean working environment.
  •     Completing operational requirements of the pharmacy, including verifying order entries, maintaining records of controlled substances, charges, and removing expired and/or damaged drugs from the pharmacy’s inventory.
  •      Adhering to applicable legal rules, regulations, and procedures governing pharmaceutical practice.
  •     Performing other administrative tasks when needed.


  •          Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or pharmacology.
  •          Proven experience as a pharmacist.
  •         Valid license to practice as a pharmacist.
  •          Detailed understanding and knowledge of dosage requirements and administration, chemical compounds, and pharmaceutical brands.
  •          Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and software applications, used by pharmacies, such as MEDITECH and Mediware.
  •          Great organizational skills.
  •          Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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