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Taking care of your Startup like a “Master”

HR Partner for all you startup needs. We help you comply with employment law, statutory compliance and all what you would need to manage people and your business.

Taking care of your Startup is challenging. We act like an Extension of your functional division, and takes care of your business, while you could focus on your core operation.


Recruitment and HR Services for Startups : Startups bring good energy and robust enthusiasm to the economy and sometimes create a leading product, services and jobs revolution. But for startups to sustain their energy and growth manpower with diverse skill sets is required. Startups entrepreneurs would be the first to accept that although they own the idea and have the drive they are lacking in other skills and solutions for areas such as marketing, finance, engineering, logistics, hiring for jobs and so on and so forth. At the same time recruitment for startups is challenging because the best of these, whether in India or overseas, take a while to establish their brand equity.

How we do ?

C2W covers areas other than recruitment and consultancy solutions. We take up multiple roles to support startups in their quest for getting to the top. HR Outsourcing at the SME level has always been our USP. The uniqueness further extends to tailor made solutions for each client that we work with.

  • Brand Selling for Startups
  • Our top team to handle hiring for start ups
  • Market Research for checking on the viability of start-ups
  • Compensation Analysis for recruitment for the startups
  • Right talent for Startups


Our payroll services help you optimize the payroll function, mitigate payroll and tax-related risk, and give you more time to do what you do best: grow your business. We support you with employee benefit administration and compliance, helping you select the best provider and managing the process. We understand that a competitive employee benefit package will help you attract and retain top talent.


Whatever change you need to implement – whether it’s transforming the strategy that drives your business, re-organizing your customer needs or reducing costs – the solution always lies in your people. Our structured change management approach will help create the correct sense of urgency required to realize the benefits and return on investment from embarking on a transformation journey.


The old saying of “What gets measured gets done” also applies to HR processes. We offer HR analytics consulting services to clients, performing analytical investigations on organization data, usually with a specific focus or problem in mind. We offer deep expertise in workforce planning and analytics, helping you proactively identify opportunities and overcome challenges.


We can help you with any of your HR projects, we can be as little or as involved as required; to meet your objectives. StartUp HR can assist you with projects such as: Performance appraisal systems, Rewards System, Compensation & Benefits, HR Transformation, reviewing existing policies and procedures, Developing or reviewing competency frameworks and more.


StartUp HR provides all customers with HR professionals to complement and enhance their human resources operations. The team includes business partners, specialists and experts who address key questions and provide valuable guidance across all HR issues. Our Pro team can be available for Onsite or Virtual consulting; on a retainer-ship, project based or relief duty.


Employment policies set out how your employees should behave in a variety of situations while working for your company. We keep our standard policies up to date, so that as the law changes we will adjust policies as needed. This means you can relax knowing that your employment policies will always be up to date with the law.

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