Recruitment Franchisee Business

Explore the opportunity of creating your own recruitment business

A simple and proven method of managing the recruitment function of an organization is the very basics of the modern-day recruitment industry. Recruitment has been and, will always be the most unavoidable function of any business organization across the globe. Acquiring the right manpower is essential for the success of any organization irrelevant to the industry, and it can’t be done in a day, or without dedication proper time, and attention to the recruitment process

Though this function isn’t complicated, it’s not easy to acquire the desired results. Hence, many or all organizations across the world will at one point in time outsource their recruitment functions to an expert in the recruitment domain. The idea is to find and hire the right candidates for open positions in any organization.

Now, that the need for the recruitment function has been explained, let’s briefly discuss how it’s done. Like any function, recruitment also needs a well-defined process, and mostly everything depends on that. From the moment of understanding the requirements to the source to finally onboarding the candidates, everything has to have a pre-defined and clearly documented workflow.

With these basics, we at CONNECTING 2 WORK, set out to develop an internal workflow management application that works just fine and produces results. We have associated with more than 6000+ Employers across the globe and catered to a diversity of industries.

We use this opportunity to introduce our franchisee model that gives anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to start their own Recruitment business in India. The concept is very simple:

  1. We train you and help you set up a team and you get to use our brand name too.
  2. We provide you with an organized recruitment process management application that automates your internal recruitment process and keeps all of us updated on areal-time basis.
  3. We give you 100% marketing support and get you the client and their requirements for you to work on
  4. We mentor and manage your day to day operations and help you close the positions
  5. We help you in your day-to-day administration and Payment collections from the clients. You don’t need to spend time and resources on this.
  6. We split the revenue I’m 75 – 25 ratio. You get to keep 75% and we get to keep our royalty of 25%

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