HR Services for Startups in kerala

January 30, 2017 Written by C2W

The Future Of HR And Why Startups Shouldn’t Reject It

Many startups built their culture without the bureaucracy of human resources, but replacing a person with software can lead to problems. CONNECTING2WORK has come come up with an innovative package defining Managed HR Services.  HR for Startups in kerala is another initiative that C2W has taken up over course of the past few years

Human Resources is one of the most vital departments of an organization, which helps in HR for startups in keralaachieving both the short as well as long terms goals and objectives of a startup firm. A good team of working professionals means better chances of achieving the breakeven point within a stipulated time and low risks for businesses.

HR for Startups in kerala

For a startup, good employees are as essential as the availability of the required funds because it is the commitment and competency level of a team that shapes the future of a young organisation, and a slight negligence can terribly affect the plans of a business. In a startup the key functions of the HR department remained almost similar to the one in an already established organisation, these are – recruitment & selection, training & development, performance appraisal, employees’ welfare and dispute resolutions, but HR in startups gives more emphasis on the optimum utilization of the available workforce in their retention for a longer period.

Recently it is often seen that in most of the cases of startup failures, the major reason was the mismanagement of the organisational resources, be it in the allocation of a task or settling a dispute between the peers. These issues can be resolved easily, if the vision of the HR personnel gets aligned with the vision of the top decision makers of an organisation, i.e., the founding members and top management. Hence, to prevent the problems before they occur, the HR department should hire only those people who understand the goals and objectives of the business or who exhibit interest to get themselves familiarised with the nature, scope and aim of the business.