There are lot of IT and Non-It openings trending in the market, it keeps on changing according to the current market conditions and scenarios.

With the increased technology advancement and number of IT Companies around the globe demand for a few particular sector of IT professionals/developers have increased drastically in the past few years.  Handling a large amount of data requires a large storage space for the same, a huge data storage facility makes the capital budget of any firm bulky, the easier way to overcome that is to rent/share storage which have increased the demand for cloud computing, this demand have opened a new opportunity and demand in IT Openings in the form of experts in technologies like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure etc.

The advancement of technology have brought in a new opportunity to help companies understand the market demand in an even more precise and personalized manner by tracking the digital imprints of people by tracking the recent searches, shopping list etc., this have increased the demand for Data Scientist (one of the trending being a Data bricks Expert), Machine Learning Expert etc. adding a few more to the trending IT Openings.

With a lot of cashless transactions, remote network connectivity and virtual storage spaces the demand for Cyber Security/ Cyber Defense experts are increasing making it one of the HOT and Trending topic among the present day IT Job Openings.

Thanks to the technology advancements in the above mentioned part, it have helped us increase the reach of companies to their customers around the globe, it have provided access for a company in Tier 1 city to access  a customer even in the remotest part of the world. This has increased the opportunity to market the products with the help of internet and other networks and have helped in advertising products. This have helped in creating new Non-IT Openings in the market, some of which are Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Writer even a blogger/ Vlogger (companies do paid partnership with them for advertisement). The beauty of this is that it is easy to learn and can be done from anywhere, even at home and can help you fetch a plenty of bucks.

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