The growth of IT and non IT openings are comparable based on so many aspects. As of now, let’s say that IT openings have been more in numbers in the recent years as compared to the non IT openings in India. The reason is nothing but the influence of Artificial Intelligence, block chain and cyber security. They are sweeping the market off the conventional skills.

“AI seems to be becoming more or less a mainstay in almost all forms of technology and is going to pop up in all the new platforms, devices or apps more and more through the years”. The non IT market such as companies in utilities, finance, manufacturing and retail are declining in openings because manpower is being replaced by robots, which decrease the production cost and also saves time.

Even the management level openings are becoming less. Every documentation is being done through system. However, to stay in the non IT sector, one needs to be adaptable and also gain experience from small firms. As per the survey, non IT is more open to people with more than 8 years of experience. Now that’s the area where AI can’t replace humans!!

Here’s an amazing fact – Even non-IT people can successfully apply for IT jobs and quickly develop IT skills. Positions in the IT industry are booming in major metro areas around the country. IT is huge, and it isn’t going anywhere. Even if you don’t have an IT-related degree or any direct experience, if you are smart and a fast learner, you can learn technology skills and gain experience on the job.

Here’s why you should seriously consider IT jobs, even if you have no current skills in the field:
– Like any other skill, IT skills can be learned on the job. These days, a lot of job training is doneinformally, through observation, interactions with co-workers and hands-on projects.
– The number one benefit of working in IT is the ability to create products and solutions that impact many people’s lives – all in a short period of time.
– No one has experience in their first job. If you’re smart, extremely curious, interested to learn and have been a hard worker in your non-IT background, you’ll be well on your way to a job in IT.

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