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Full Stack Software Developer

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As a Software Developer, you will play a pivotal role in the design and development of cutting-edge software applications. Your expertise will be crucial in mentoring junior developers,collaborating with stakeholders to understand requirements, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality,efficient, and maintainable code. This role demands a strong foundation in programming languages,proficiency in back-end development, and familiarity with ERP system architectures and business processes.


• Lead and actively contribute to the design and development of robust software applications.• Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code to meet project requirements.

• Provide technical guidance and mentorship to junior developers, fostering their growth andskill development.• Collaborate with stakeholders to understand project requirements and propose innovative solutions.

• Ensure effective communication and coordination within cross-functional teams.

• Conduct code reviews to maintain code quality, adherence to coding standards, and consistencyacross the development team.

• Identify and resolve software issues through systematic troubleshooting and debugging.

• Stay abreast of industry best practices and emerging technologies, implementing them toenhance development processes.Requirements• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.

• Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, .NET, etc.

• Experience with software development methodologies, especially Agile and Scrum.

• Knowledge of general ERP system architectures and familiarity with Data structures,Algorithms, and Object-oriented Design concepts.

• Strong back-end development skills with the ability to design scalable and maintainable solutions.

• Understanding of usual business processes like accounting, supply chain, CRM, and theirrelevance to ERP systems is advantageous.• Strong problem-solving skills with meticulous attention to detail.

• Excellent communication and teamwork skills, with the ability to convey technical concepts tonon-technical stakeholders.

• Experience with cloud platforms and technologies is a plus.


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