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We are looking for an HR Recruiter to manage our full cycle recruitment, from identifying potential hires to interviewing and evaluating candidates. HR Recruiter responsibilities include sourcing candidates online, updating job ads and conducting background checks. If you have experience with various job interview formats, including phone screenings and group interviews, and can help us recruit faster and more effectively, we’d like to meet you. Ultimately, you will play an important part in building a strong employer brand for our company to ensure we attract, hire and retain the most qualified employees.



• Source potential candidates from various online channels and using portals.

• Draft recruiting emails to attract passive candidates

• Screen incoming resumes and application forms

• Interview candidates (via phone, in-person)

• Advertise job openings on company’s careers page, social media, job boards and internally

• Provide shortlists of qualified candidates to Clients and getting feedbacks.

• Send job offer emails and answer queries about compensation and benefits

• Monitor key HR metrics, including time-to-fill, time-to-hire and source of hire


• Proven work experience as an HR Recruiter or similar role

• Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases

• Experience with sourcing techniques

• Understanding of referral programs

• Solid verbal and written communication skills

• Sound judgement.

• Graduate/Post Graduate.

Tags: "human resource", HR, human resource management, payroll, recruitment

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