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§  Identifying, examining and assessing the training needs within an organization§  Conduct training for employees for specific jobs§  Educating trainees on skills such as computer applications, policies and procedures, §  Holding meetings and presentations on learning materials when necessary§  Planning and designing training activities for new hires as well as veteran employees§  Assisting employees in the process of improving or enhancing their existing skills§  Ensuring that creative, interactive, multimedia presentations are created§  Holding workshops, seminars, and lectures§  Maintaining correct and accurate training records§  Collecting feedback from employees regarding the effectiveness of several training methods



  §  Good analytical, management, and decision-making skills

  §  Excellent verbal, written communication skills and presentation skills

  §  Good interpersonal skills, as required to work effectively with colleagues, trainees, and management

  §  Profound knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and other training and presentation software programs or applications

  §  An adequate understanding of the principles that are involved in a good training program

  §  At least, 1 year of proven work experience either professionally or through an internship

A Bachelor’s degree or any other relevant discipline                                                
           Willingness to travel

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