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Full-Time | A Vanguard in Web Development

Unveiling mykensho, a Pioneer under Global EducationSolutions:

● Trailblazing Learning Experiences: mykensho stands at the intersection oftechnology and education, crafting unparalleled journeys of self-discovery andcareer navigation. Our mission transcends traditional tech use, venturing intopioneering territories to reshape educational paradigms and empower individualpotential through a holistic development approach.

● Empowering Journeys: Dive into a world where learning and career navigationmerge, crafting a future where every individual’s potential is not just recognizedbut fully unleashed. At mykensho, we’re not just about technology; we’re aboutshaping futures with it. Be part of a revolution in educational experiences,blending life skills, career guidance, and personal growth into one seamlessjourney.About This Role:Join our cutting-edge team as a MERN Stack Developer, where you’ll be at the heart ofcreating transformative web applications. Leveraging the full spectrum of the MERNstack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js), you’ll architect solutions that breathe lifeinto our digital ambitions. Your expertise will bridge the gap between idea conceptionand technical realization, ensuring our applications are not only functional but arebenchmarks for excellence in the tech space.

Your Impact:● Lifecycle Leadership: Guide projects from blueprints to launch, embracing the MERN stack to craft applications that set industry standards.

● Real-Time Revolution: Utilize WebSocket and to forge dynamic,real-time connections that elevate the user experience to new heights.

● Performance Pioneering: Harness the power of Redis for unmatched datacaching and session management, making our applications as efficient as theyare innovative.

● Communication Vanguard: Elevate our applications with Janus WebRTC Server,bringing cutting-edge video conferencing and streaming functionalities to theforefront of user interaction.

● Cloud Conquest: Champion the deployment of scalable solutions in the cloud,mastering automation and CI/CD to ensure seamless, continuous delivery.

● Collaborative Genius: Work hand-in-glove with stakeholders, translating complexrequirements into tangible, innovative solutions, all while maintaining thepinnacle of coding standards.

What You Bring to the Table:

● JavaScript Jedi: Your proficiency in JavaScript, React, Node.js, and Express.js isunmatched.

● Real-Time Maestro: A proven track record with WebSocket and, craftingengaging, real-time web experiences.

● Redis Ranger: Skilled in leveraging Redis for state-of-the-art caching and sessionmanagement.

● WebRTC Wizardry: Familiarity with Janus WebRTC Server, pushing the boundariesof real-time audio/video communication.

● Data Dynamo: Expertise in MongoDB and PostgreSQL, ensuring robust, efficientdata storage.

● Cloud Captain: A solid grounding in AWS services and containerization withDocker, navigating the vast skies of cloud computing with ease.

● Analytical Ace: Exceptional problem-solving skills, thriving in the fast-paced, agilerhythms of modern web development.

Why You’ll Love Working With Us:

● Innovative Spirit: Be part of a team where innovation is the status quo, and technology is used to spark creative solutions.

● Creative Crucible: Thrive in an environment that values your expertise in real-time communication and scalable web development, pushing you to expand your horizons.

● Growth Galore: Join a culture committed to professional development, where learning is a constant, and your career trajectory is boundless.


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