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ROR manager

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We are looking for a ROR Manager to work with the company.

Skills Requirements:

· Excellent grasp of Object-Oriented Programming concepts and Design Patterns. ·

VDT, Mysql, TTD + database +postgresql ·

Experience with Ruby on Rails framework along with Gems like but not limited to Active Record, RSpec, RuboCop, Sidekiq, Resque, OmniAUth, Capistrano, Minimagick, PgSearch, RailsAdmin, Drape and server-side templating engines like Liquid, Slim.

· Experienced in development with AWS and associated DevOps activities and hands-on in Linux systems. · Experienced in SQL, ES6, HTML/HTML5, and CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript Front-End Frameworks like jQuery/React/Angular.

· Experienced in Responsive Design, Mocking, ORM, REST API, MVC, HTTP protocol, Sockets programming, OWASP.

· Working knowledge of Git/Bitbucket and TDD.

· Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application.

· Able to create/modify database schemas that represent and support business processes.

· Delivered in at least 3 full lifecycle projects experience with Agile Methodology and associated best practices. · Excellent communicator and team player.


· B.Tech/MCA from a reputed institute with at least 5+ years of experience with Ruby on rails

· Working experience in large, distributed and Agile teams.

· Experience working with large datasets/databases and scalable applications.

· Has design for failure mindset, gathers a big picture of the business and high customer focus.

· Product development work experience a major plus.

· Experience 10 -15 years

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Trivandrum, Technopark
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Tags: ROR, ruby on rails

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