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Student Counsellor

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Student counselors work closely with students, parents, and educators to improve student outcomes and help students succeed academically and socially both during school and after they’ve graduated. Student counselors work in a variety of school settings ranging from elementary schools to colleges. In any setting, they provide one-on-one guidance to students, listening to their concerns and helping them make healthy decisions.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Listen to Student Concerns

2. Develop Solutions and Goals

3. Mediate and Resolve Conflicts

4. Assist with Career and Academic Development

5. Develop Counseling Programs 6. Connect Students with Care Providers

7. Help the Students with Course details and academic details

8. Working as a mediator between the student and the college authorities, if there is an argument and tries to resolve it.

Skills and Qualifications

1. Counseling effective counseling skills are vital in this role, and student counselors should be able to confidently provide advice and guidance while creating a space where students can express themselves honestly

2. Child development expertise – student counselors work with students of all ages, so they should have an understanding of the different needs of students at every stage of development

3. Communication skills – student counselors need excellent communication skills, including the ability to actively listen to a student’s thoughts, feelings, and concerns, and provide helpful advice

4. Patience and compassion – This role requires high levels of patience and compassion, since student counselors assist students dealing with a range of academic, emotional, social, and behavioral issues

5. Attention to detail – student counselors should also possess a high level of attention to detail to successfully guide students and understand their goals and concerns during a counseling session

6. Collaboration – student counselors work with students, teachers, and parents to guide students toward success, so they should be able to successfully work together while respecting privacy guidelines

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