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Students Counselor( Education Counselor)

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An education counsellor, also known as a guidance counsellor or academic counsellor, is a type of adviser who provides guidance and support to students about their education, career prospects and social concerns. Effective counsellors familiarise themselves with the personal and professional aspirations of the young people who seek their help so that they may offer tailored assistance. Though the specific responsibilities of the job may vary between workplaces, an education counsellor job description commonly comprises of:

  • Advise students in individual or group counselling sessions to address their academic, personal and social needs
  • Help students to devise attainable goals and develop useful skills or habits
  • Administer assessments to gauge students’ capabilities, personality traits and interests
  • Evaluate students on their competencies, interests and ambitions to identify suitable academic and professional pathways
  • Assist in preparatory activities, such as academic scheduling and course selection
  • Inform students about their academic and professional options, including but not limited to courses, majors and programmes that may facilitate their goals
  • Consult with parents, teachers and administrators to identify potential learning or behavioural issues that may impede students’ goals
  • Collaborate with parents, teachers and administrators to develop plans for realising students’ educational and professional goals
  • Inform students and their families about resources that may help with realising academic and career goals, such as tutoring, mentoring and career exploration
  • Maintain confidential records about the students they assist, including assessment results, transcripts and session notes

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