UNDERSTANDING OF NEEDS OF CLIENT: As an established HR Consultant, we give more focus on Head Hunting. We work very closely with our clients to understand their strategic hiring needs. On the basis of the needs of the clients, we define our search by identifying the target talents who meet the needs of our clients.

TARGET: With experience of more than a decade in search and selection services, we understand the industry well and know where the key performers and players are there in the market.

APPROACH: For the top management position, as specialized team, we don`t approach the applicants whose resumes can be found easily on any portals, rather we approach the right candidates who are employed gainfully and happily in competitive companies through leads and referrals which we have developed after serving in the industry over a decade.

UNDERSTANDING OF NEEDS OF RIGHT CANDIDATE: On approaching with right and suitable candidates, we try to find and understand all the personal PULL/PUSH factors of the candidates. We share the factors with our client and try to find a WIN-WIN situation for our client as well as for the candidates.

REFERENCE CHECK: We do a detailed reference check on candidate who has been selected for hire, before a formal offer is extended. If required, we could also help in conducting a background check on selected candidates through appropriate agencies.

NEGOTIATIONS: If required, we negotiate the final compensations and requirements of the candidate considering his/her personal factors and assist in completing the hiring arrangements.

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